Our Story

After suffering with eczema on my hands for over 10 years, I was determined to find some relief. Prescription and over the counter products were causing serious steroid withdrawals and I wasn’t finding any relief. Until tallow. After discovering tallow, the terrible eczema on my hand started to get so much better and my hand was not as inflamed and irritated. The itch was going away. Additionally, since the tallow was on my hands, I would touch my face and I noticed my blemishes were starting to heal and my complexion was improving. I made some tallow products for family and friends to try and they loved them! For two years, I was selling only to family and close friends and they continued to ask for more. So, by accident, Dakota Tallow was born! We create unique, 100% all natural, handcrafted tallow body care products. We offer facial creams, sunscreen, hand creams, eczema creams/butters, body butters, lotion bars, soaps, moisturizing sugar scrubs, lip balms, re-mineralizing tooth powders and other new products coming soon. All of our products, if scented, use only high quality organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.

What makes our skin care products unique is that we use tallow in our products. The tallow we source is from a specific, high quality cut, not just any old beef fat. It is all-natural and grass-fed, is rendered low and slow, the “old fashioned way” in small batches, to maintain all of its healing properties. Our skin is made up of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which is the same makeup as tallow. Tallow is extremely skin compatible and applying it to your skin is the equivalent of taking a multi-vitamin internally. Our skin and tallow are both made up of over 50% saturated fat. Saturated fat is said to give our cell membranes the "necessary stiffness," (Nourishing Traditions) which aids in helping our skin function properly and keeps you looking toned and glowing! Tallow has a natural scent, but quickly diminishes as you rub it into your skin. Not only is tallow great for the face, but it soothes dry skin and eczema like nothing you have ever tried before. (Speaking from experience!)

Based in Kindred, North Dakota, Dakota Tallow is husband-wife duo along with the involvement of our children making it a true family-run small business!

        - Heather & Tim 

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