Our Story

After suffering with eczema on my hands for over five years, I was determined to find some relief.  Prescription and over the counter products were causing serious steroid withdrawals and I wasn’t finding any relief.  Until tallow.  After discovering tallow, my hand started to get so much better!  I was finally finding relief and my hand was not as inflamed and irritated.  The itch was going away.  Then, since it was on my hands, I would touch my face and I noticed it was getting smoother and my complexion nicer!  I made some tallow lotions for my family and friends to try and they loved them!  For two years, I was selling only to close friends and they continued to ask for more.  So by accident, Dakota Tallow (formerly Raw Dakota Kitchen) was born!  Dakota Tallow offers unique, organic, handcrafted tallow creams and other skin care products.  The tallow, which is organic and grass-fed, is rendered low and slow, the “old fashioned way” in small batches, to maintain all of its healing properties.  

Dakota Tallow offers facial creams, hand creams, eczema creams, body butters scented with organic, therapeutic grade essential oils, oil cleansing exfoliators, lip balms and other new products coming soon!  


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