Why Tallow?

Why tallow you might ask. Why not TALLOW!!!

Our skin is made up of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which is the same as tallow. To put it simply, applying tallow to your skin is the equivalent of taking a multi-vitamin internally. Our skin and tallow are both made up of over 50% saturated fat. Saturated fat is said to give our cell membranes the "necessary stiffness," (Nourishing Traditions) which aids in helping our skin function properly and keeps you looking toned and glowing! Tallow has a natural scent, but quickly diminishes as you rub it into your skin. Not only is tallow great for the face, but it soothes dry skin and eczema like nothing you have ever tried before. (Speaking from experience!) It can also safely be used on babies.

The tallow I source is from a (local to me!) specific, high quality cut, not just any old beef fat. Because of this, it is not in an abundant supply, as you only get a small amount from each animal. It is also rendered in very small batches, by hand and at a very low temperate to maintain all of its healing qualities! And of course, it is certified organic and grass-fed!

All of our tallow products come in glass jars. Highly saturated fats should NOT be stored in plastic or metal.